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The continuity of the activities of the drop-in center will be the guarantee for the durability young escorts the project; A model of adequate intervention through the pilot project Moon Light which would serve as an example for neighboring countries will have been created.

Organization structure formed by project group, operating group and support group.

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Therefore there is an urgent need for the creation of an interdisciplinary intervention activity in the field of health promotion and escorta care among sex workers in Latvia. At this moment there is no structural policy regarding social and health care for sex workers although the phenomenon of prostitution is rapidly growing.

The drop-in center for sex workers will form a basic instrument for carrying out of these health promotion activities. This moonligjt of prevention strategies and policies will stay for guarantee for the replication in other countries.

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They work mainly on abbotsford escorts streets, partly in night and sex clubs, hotels, bars and escort services. There are three big harbors in Latvia. It also has a prime task to seek the necessary support, co-operation, contacts etc.

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This lack of health and social care puts these women into a most vulnerable position. Description of the target group: Female sex workers who are operating in Riga, Jurmala and Jelgava. Moon Light.

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It will have lead to the adaptation of a health system for sex workers which is based on their voluntary and free participation as opposed to a mandatory system of control being now in force in Latvia; New and innovative instruments for health promotion activities for sex workers adequate information materials, drop-in center, outreach work, naked chat with strangers education, community base escrts with direct involvement of sex workers will have been created.

In recent years, prostitution has become an increasingly emerging social, medical and epidemiological problem in escrts Baltic States, including Latvia.

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Project Nr. Instruments of execution of prevention activities at the local level: street intervention units escort kona by outreach workers; drop-in center for sex workers with an offer of medical services; research in order moonllight carry out the mapping of the scene, gathering information and evaluation of the target group needs; networking interventions with local health and social services providers; dissemination ofexchange of experiences, co-operation with other projects in the geographical region Baltic countries, Senior woman seeking single blacks, Russia, Ukraine.

This organization structure is created in order to ensure the realization of the above-mentioned long-term objectives and in order to create a steady and stabile basis and moonlight for the maintaining and continuation of the activities and in order to guarantee the commitment of all parties and escorts to the philosophy of the project.

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