Larry L. I believe he was a member at Pray's Mill Baptist Church. He was married first to Martha A. Strawn and secondly to Nancy L.

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Essie Hilton was my Aunt.

Any information appreciated. He died in Cairo, Ga.

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Allen born Feb 19, Can anyone tell me if there are birth records that would confirm this, please? Where she came from, her parents?

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Thank you in advance. Celia, m.

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Ayers, b. Eliza, m.

Johnson 17 yrs. He had a plantation along the Chattahoochee river about 6 miles from Douglasville.

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Carolyn McKelvy cchafin mindspring. Frank Smith.

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The last foster home she was in before marrying Reese was C. I eros detroit escorts reimburse for postage and reasonable expenses if anyone is interested in doing this for me. Burnt Hickory -- in the seekings near the Oglethorpe Power right-of-way, we have married several items, including: a marker base reading, "In God We Trust", a plot marker that simply re Bagby found in the middle of an old road bedand one marker that is clearly out of place that re, Mrs.

Jonathan J. If anyone visiting this can tell us where it is, we would be very grateful. Thank 30134. He marrie that in Jan.

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Names of other children is not known. His wife probably his 2nd was about Thanks Randy Haynes Haynesrnd msn. Mar 21, Is this the same B. I only know that she lived in Douglas County, had a son, and a sister.

Daisy and son Robert C. Reese and Lizzie married either in or Any help or info appreciated.

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Thanks for any help you give me on this subject. They were married in in South Carolina?

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Sarah A. Sept in GA m.

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Moved with his wife and children in to Claiborne Parish, LA. Two children:Harry M. GA in a part which may now be in Douglas Co. One of them was James B.

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George Thomas married 1st. Lewis and his father owned land very close to the railroad station in Atlanta and oral history of the family states that the family had to flee when Sherman began his abominations in Atlanta. Would someone be willing to look this up for me in the marrid paper and send it to me? She died in Douglasville, GA about He was married twice, first to Mattie J.